Subway Sandwich Artists Ignore Robber Until He Leaves

A would-be robber braved the scent of sugar bread in an attempt to score some quick cash from a Subway, but the sandwich artists ignored his demands until he got fed up and left.

The suspect of the attempted robbery of a Subway in Coventry, Rhode Island, on Tuesday is still at large, according to Rhode Island Most Wanted.

An image from a surveillance camera shows the suspect with what appears to be a white T-shirt around his head and a plastic bag over half of his face.

This man attempted to rob a Subway in Coventry, Rhode Island.

After the suspect’s demands went unmet, he got “agitated” and walked out, according to Rhode Island Most Wanted.

Initial reports said he may have had an accomplice, but NBC News reports that authorities spoke with the other man and he is not a person of interest.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Coventry Police Detective Michael Pacheco at 401-825-6341.

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