Fox spots man filming it hunt for chickens and attacks him

Safe to say that the man filming this scene regretted getting so close to the woodland predator.

Due to the ‘sport’ of hunting foxes on a horse supported by a pack of hounds – we have this false idea that foxes are wholly scared of humans kind…this fox quickly proved this wrong.

The chap started filming the fox trying to get into his chicken coop without thinking about his own safety.

As soon as the fox realised it was being watched – it quickly went for the attack causing the man to shriek and run for his life – this was no Fantastic Mr Fox y’all.

You can quite understand why foxes aren’t big fans of us humans what with killing them in grisly ways and separating them from yummy chickens with wire and wood fences.

He did catch the fox in the end without requiring a rabies shot.