Man having sex with his dog got caught out by pocket-dialling

Russell Joseph Meyers, 54, was busted when he accidentally pocket-dialled someone leaving a rather graphic voicemail.

He’s accused of having sex with his German Shepherd on four occasions and when he was arrested he was also found to be in possession of weed.

Meyers also owned a chihuahua but police said he did not have sex with it.

He is the first person in Alabama to be charged under bestiality laws that were passed last year.

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(Picture: WAFF 48 News)
Meyers leaving court (Picture: WAFF 48 News)

Sheriff Oliver told It’s scary that it’s had to go on more than we know for them to make a law.’

Sheriff Oliver says the German Shepherd is doing fine and is being examined by vets.

Another man charged with this new state law was charged with having sex with his wife’s shih tzu, jealous of the attention the lap dog was attracting.