This dentist really wants you to know he DOESN’T hunt lions

This dentist really wants you to know he DOESN'T hunt lions
(Picture: Imgur/stone122311)

We don’t know if you have heard, but apparently an American dentist killed a well loved lion recently.

It seems some dentists have become wary that they are all seen as lion-hating, gun-loving nutters, and one practice has taken extreme measures to prevent this.

Hagerty Family Dental, in Arkansas, put up this sign outside their practice just to reassure patients that the hands in their mouths are not also used to shoot at endangered species.

However rather than a genuine concern for the reputation of dentists, the person who uploaded the image up to Reddit says the practice is known for their humorous signs.

Officials in Zimbabwe, where Cecil the lion was killed, have called for American dentist Walter Palmer to be extradited to face trial for allegedly shooting the animal.