Florida Man Breaks Into School So He Can Call Grandma

A Florida man broke into a high school in hopes of finding a phone to call his grandma, according to police in Port St. Lucie.

Aaron D. Richardson, 19, was charged Monday night after officials at Treasure Coast High School reported that someone had broken into a concession stand and busted a computer, WPTV reports.

Officers noticed a damaged fence near the school perimeter as well as the computer, which looked as it had been smashed with a fist or foot.

School surveillance videos also showed a man climbing the fence and driving a school-owned golf cart around campus, according to WPBF.com.

School officials identified the intruder as Richardson, a former student at the school.

The suspect was easy to find: He was already at the Port St. Lucie Jail serving time on an unrelated arrest the same night, according to CBS12.com.

Police said Richardson told them he entered the school searching for a phone to call his grandmother. When that didn’t work, he said he tried to contact her via Facebook on the concession stand computer. That failed, too, so he punched the computer in anger, according to WPTV.

Richardson has been charged with trespassing on school property, criminal mischief for damaging the fence, which was valued at approximately $1,254, petit theft for stealing $6 worth of snacks from the concession stand and burglary of the school.

Richardson remains in the St. Lucie County Jail on $21,875 bail.  It is unknown whether he ever contacted his grandmother.