Texas Man Says Fossils From Noah’s Flood Are Found In His Yard

Wayne Propst claims he found fossils from Noah’s flood in his yard in Tyler, Texas. The director of an anti-science museum is supporting Propst’s theory.

The man was helping his aunt lay dirt outside the house when he discovered some snail fossils. Wayne and his aunt believe that the fossils date back to Noah’s flood as described in Genesis. According to the biblical book, Noah created an ark big enough to hold two of every animal species and this way he saved them from the floodwaters.

The Propst family was really excited. “From Noah’s flood to my front yard, how much better can it get?” Wayne said.

He sent some pictures to the curator and director of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum Joe Taylor in Crosbyton, Texas. Taylor, who believes that evolution is just an “old-fashioned theory” and is a self-claimed expert in Noah’s flood, analyzed the fossils and supported Wayne’s assumptions.

Though, the collections manager of Texas Vertebrate Paleontology Collection James Sagebiel said that the fossils are 35-40 million years old.

Other researchers said that the purported flood occurred in the Middle East, and there is no scientific evidence that the flood covered the entire earth. Taylor believes that among other animals Noah took dinosaurs on his ark, but researchers believe that this would be impossible.

Source: 60abc