Windows 10 upgrade reminder blows in on weather report [Video]

Over 110 million people use Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. Unfortunately, the fine folks of Des Moines, Iowa’s KCCI 8 news and weather station aren’t among them — and on Wednesday they paid for it.

Metinka Slater was just trying to inform the people of Des Moines, Iowa about the weather — when suddenly a Windows 10 upgrade reminder appeared.

Metinka Slater, the station’s resident meteorologist, was giving her standard weather update when the PC that was projecting the weather map prompted her to upgrade to Windows 10, awkwardly obscuring much of the screen.

“Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10, what should I do? Don’t you love when that pops up!” she joked.


The American electronics giant has been bullish on getting Windows 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10 since the operating system’s July 2015 release. It’s a great OS, though it likely won’t be gracing KCCI 8’s good books any time soon.

Source: CNET