GPS strikes again: woman follows directions straight into a lake

A woman trying to navigate a foggy night in Canada ended up driving straight into Lake Huron Thursday, according to police.

The 23-year-old Kitchener, Ontario resident, was following her car’s GPS when she somehow lost her way at the Little Tub Harbour boat launch. It was after midnight when she took the fateful turn, and suddenly felt her red Toyota Yaris filling with sub-40 degree water as it sank.

A visitor to the Tobermory area ended up in the city’s Little Tub Harbour after accidentally driving down the boat launch, shown in a handout photo. Provincial police say the 23-year-Kitchener woman was following her GPS in rainy and foggy conditions at about midnight last night when the accident happened. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Ontario Provincial Police)

”Thinking quickly, the woman managed to roll down the windows before the vehicle disappeared below the surface, and swam to shore.

“How the launch works, it’s not an airborne thing. It’s not ‘Dukes of Hazzard.’ It kind of goes off the road and the launch just drops all of a sudden,” Const. Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert told the Canadian Press. “So she would have been driving on the road, and then all of a sudden just dropped and hit water.

A driver following her car’s GPS took a wrong turn into Little Tub Harbour in Ontario, but managed to swim back to shore before the vehicle sank. (Bruce Peninsula OPP)

Officials sent out a warning to all boats to avoid the area, and news of the woman’s embarrassing navigation error spread quickly – police the Ministry of the Environment and officers from the Joint Rescue Coordination Center rushed to the scene.

Rubinstein-Gilbert said the driver was “a little embarrassed,” but generally in good spirits.

Apparently, no alcohol was involved in the incident and the driver will not be charged.