“Robin Hood” gives meth to poor, gets arrested

A man from Thailand was arrested after he stumbled upon a large quantity of drugs hidden in the forest and gave them away to his friends to sell, according to police.

Prajuab Kanpetch, 41, was caught with 470,000 pills of yaba (tablets of methamphetamine and caffeine popular in Thailand) at his home after police were notified that many local dealers had obtained free drugs from Prajuab.

Prajuab, who collects and sells products from the forest for a living, was reportedly looking for fish in a forest (!) near Asia Road when he saw a man hide seven backpacks before driving away, Pol. Sutthi Puangpikul, a police investigator, said in a press conference.

Prajuab opened the backpacks and found drugs. Lots of drugs. He took four of the backpacks home. They contained a total of 700,000 pills of yaba and 10 kilograms of crystal meth, Daily News reported.

According to the police, Prajuab confessed that he gave away 230,000 pills of yaba and all of the meth to 10 friends who are poor, hoping they could sell the drugs to pay off debts.

The rest he kept for his own personal use and to sell.

Police arrested two women who received drugs from Prajuab and are searching for the others, as well as investigating the source of the drugs, Thairath reported.

Source: Bangkok Coconuts

It remains unclear if there’s any fish in the forest or there were some magic mushrooms in one of the backpacks.
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