Denmark tackles demographic crisis with sex campaign for mothers [video]

The long-term viability of retirement programs — such as Social Security — is a regular topic during U.S. political campaigns. And the same goes in Denmark, where such programs apparently are in pretty bad shape.

The problem for the Danes: a low birth rate in the country, tilting the population toward old folks.

A sex campaign in Denmark might be sparking a baby boom. (YouTube)

Last year, the City of Copenhagen and an independent advertising firm came up with a solution: a slick TV and online campaign urging Danes to make babies. “The Danish welfare system is under pressure,” one ad says. “There are still not enough babies being born, despite a little progress. And this concerns us all.”

But the campaign doesn’t dwell on senior citizens’ financial security. It focuses instead on how young Danish adults are breaking their parents’ hearts by staying childless. “[T]hose who suffer the most are perhaps the mothers who will never experience having a grandchild,” the ad laments.

It then shows us an older woman trying to figure out how to help her son procreate: she imagines sneaking into his bedroom while he’s getting hot and heavy with his significant other to help with the removal of a brassiere.

The wannabe grandma rejects that notion, and the ad turns to better ways to encourage baby-making, such as sunny vacations and exercise that releases endorphins.

The tagline: “Do it for Mom.”

It’s an unusual and amusing campaign — and apparently it’s working. Britain’s The Independent writes that nearly a year after the campaign launched, “reports have suggested that Denmark is set for a baby boom.”

Watch an ad for the campaign below. But be aware: if you don’t like suggestive content, this video isn’t for you.

Source: The Oregonian Live