Chinese man’s feet rotten after playing games for 6 straight days

A man in China has been found in a dazed state with rotten feet after a six-day-long internet gaming session.

Police found the man, surnamed Chen, lying unconscious in Hangzhou on June 16 near a railway track with his feet infected, reports the People’s Daily Online (link in Chinese).

According to the young man’s father, he had run away after becoming addicted to online gaming.

Police officers report to have found the 19-year-old lying unconscious on the grass outside. He then woke up asking for some water. He told the officers his name was Chen and he had been wandering around.

The man hadn’t eaten for three days as he had no money for food, according to his accounts. The teen said he spent all of his money in an internet cafe where he had played games online for six days straight.

When he walked out of the cafe he said he became weak and dizzy. Hangzhou is currently experiencing temperatures of 33 degrees Celsius. The teen’s feet were covered in mosquito bites.

Police took him to a cafeteria and gave him some food and examined his identification card to see how to contact his family. Officers managed to get in touch with his father who said the boy had gone missing after becoming addicted to internet gaming.

Source: Daily Mail Online