Women covering cleavage with fish is trending on Instagram

It’s the latest instagram trend for bikini clad women who also enjoy a spot of fishing.

Ladies who have reeled in a catch to be proud of are showing it off in a way that no one will miss – by posing with the sea creatures held across their breasts.

The trend for ‘fish bras’, as they’ve been dubbed, is now sweeping the web thanks to a series of hashtags such as #fishbra and #fishbraperfection.

One account FishBras, which currently has 120,000 followers, has been making a splash thanks to the racy photos it is posting. Instagrammers have taken to the trend like a fish to water, proudly presenting their fish to the camera while grinning.

The trend sees women clad usually only in bikini bottoms holding a strategically-placed fish to preserve their modesty.

Some women are holding the sea-life over their bare breasts, while others have chosen keep their bikini tops or bras on under the fish, enabling them to show their catch off better.

Some of the aquatic creatures are enormous, with one woman struggling to hold a tuna that is nearly bigger than she is. One woman posed with a shark that she had caught. The photo is captioned: ‘The most dangerous bra of them all’.

Techniques seem to differ, with women holding smaller fish further away from their breasts to ensure everything is covered, while hugging larger fish closer to their bodies.

Some have even begun to reinterpret the trend. One women seems to be drawing inspiration from The Little Mermaid by holding up two large starfish up to her chest.

The trend has already begun to be parodied and one clever Instagrammer photographed herself holding a box of Birds Eye cod fillets over her bare chest. The craze seems to be being popularised by women who like to go fishing, who then showcase their catch in a rather unique way.

One comment summed it up bluntly: ‘Hot girls who fish’. While another had saw the funny side: ‘Who needs Victoria’s Secret, when you can just rock a fish bra!’

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