Two Trees in Two Cities on One Day Fall on Two Cars That Belong to One Man

A California man whose two vehicles were both crushed by trees in different cities on the same day says he feels like “the luckiest guy.”

Georgiy Karpekin said he was at Sacramento City College when strong winds swept over the area Wednesday, leading to an unfortunate discovery in the parking lot.

“I walked up to my truck and I saw it was ‘taco’d’ around a tree,” he told KTXL-TV.

(Pictured: Georgiy Karpekin’s truck was “taco’d” when strong winds brought a tree down on its roof. Screenshot: KTXL-TV)

Karpekin’s truck was indeed “taco’d” — a fallen tree had reformed the pickup into the shape of a taco shell.

Karpekin got a ride to his West Sacramento home where he made another shocking discovery — another tree had fallen on two vehicles parked in front of his house, including his own car.

“Yeah, and then I come home and two other cars, huh? My luck. I bought a lottery ticket. It didn’t win, but…” Karpekin said. “I feel like I’m the luckiest guy. Why? I came out alive. Everything is fine. My insurance is covering it. There’s no other way to look at it, right? You know, life’s full of peaks and valleys, man,” Karpekin said.

Karpekin said on Facebook that the damage to the car parked outside his home wasn’t as severe as the truck and will soon be completely repaired.
“You can’t help but laugh,” he wrote of the ordeal.

Source: United Press International