‘Lesbianism’ Listed as Condition on Woman’s Medical Chart

A visit to the doctor led to a shocking discovery for a North Carolina woman.

Kristina Rodriguez had blood work done by her medical service provider, Lake Park Family Practice of Carolinas Healthcare System, after worries that her iron was low. When she picked up her medical chart, there it was – a so called ‘medical problem’ listed by her doctor as ‘Lesbianism.’

“This listed as a medical problem could really set someone back, could mess with their self-esteem and could make them think something is wrong with them,” Rodriguez told WSOC.

Rodriguez said her doctor and a director of Carolinas Healthcare System contacted her after she complained.

(Pictured: Kristina Rodriguez)

She said they told her that lesbianism was listed as a medical problem to protect her from being offended. However, the hospital released a statement saying ‘Lesbianism’ is not an appropriate clinical diagnosis, and they are investigating the issue.

Source: ABC 11