South Korean president candidate releases StarCraft map to get millennials [Video]

To earn votes and support from gamers of the eSports scene, a South Korean President Candidate has created two StarCraft maps. The best part of this is that these maps can be downloaded for free and without any strings attached.

South Korean Presidential Candidate Moon Jae-in has recently launched two custom StarCraft maps for free download. It was revealed that it was to celebrate the game made free-to-play with its recent patch version 1.18, Dot Esports reported.

The two maps that Jae-in created are for the original StarCraft game. These two maps are called the “Moonsters,” which are from the original maps’ designs and are built for four and eight players respectively, PC Gamer reported.

Jae-in also revealed a video, which can be viewed down below, of his work in practice. One of the custom maps of the “Moonsters” has a cluster of resources that spells 1 Monn Jae-in. The other map just simply boasts an oversized number one in the top corner of the map.
South Korean Presidential Candidate Moon Jae-in was the one that the Minjoo Party of Korea chose for the position. They are also known as the Democratic Party of Korea, and the election will be held on May 9. It was revealed that the candidate promise $8.9 billion stimulus package to support the startups and small businesses if he gets elected.

Source: University Herald