Advertising 101: Protesters start throwing Pepsi cans at police

A May Day protest in Portland has been shut down after demonstrators threw full cans of Pepsi at officers, with one hitting a medic, according to police in the US city.

On Monday, as the pro-labor rally in Oregon descended into violence, Portland police tweeted that demonstrators had started hurling objects including full Pepsi cans at officers.

Shortly later the protest’s permit was revoked and police moved in to shut it down. Three people were arrested.

Earlier in the day police had ignored a protester offering a can of Pepsi.

The use of Pepsi by protesters was linked on social media to the recent widely ridiculed ad for the drink that showed model Kendall Jenner defusing a tense moment at a demonstration by handing a can to a police officer. Pepsi pulled the ad in April after it was accused of co-opting the imagery of protest movements to sell soda.
At least three people were arrested at the Portland rally after anarchists destroyed a police car, damaged windows and property, started fires in the streets and attacked officers, according to police.

Police said the protest permit was cancelled “due to numerous incidents of thrown projectiles, incendiary devices and other unsafe conditions”. No injuries had been reported.

Source: The Guardian