Here’s video of someone towing a flaming boat down Miami highway

To live in Miami is to constantly feel as if you’re trapped in an abandoned David Lynch film. Seminude men with face tattoos rollerblade through traffic in broad daylight, dilapidated buildings could be infested with anything from peacocks to bears to trained circus seals, and flaming boats just sometimes drive down the highway and everyone acts like things are cool.

Earlier this week, an anonymous Imgur user posted a GIF of a navy-blue pickup truck towing a boat on a random highway while the boat spit gigantic flames behind him. Redditors then spotted the clip on the website and posted it to Reddit’s r/WTF forum, where the clip then blew up, no pun intended.

It’s unclear how old the footage might be, but the GIF was posted online only four days ago.
The only thing more astounding than the clip might be what happened next: A group of Redditors used Google Maps to pinpoint the location where the footage was taken. Naturally, it was Miami-Dade. The clip was filmed directly across the street from Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School on Newton Road in far Southwest Miami-Dade County.

As the saying goes: Pics or it didn’t happen, bro. In the meantime, we’ve reached out to Miami-Dade County Police to see if they have any info about the boat’s owner or what in hell happened.

Source: RedditMiami New Times