German kid gets some bad grades, runs off to Switzerland in shame

A 10-year-old boy from northern Germany ran away to Switzerland after receiving his school report card, German media say. He had apparently been too scared to tell his parents about one average mark.

The boy, apparently with high expectations of himself, has been found in Switzerland after running away from his home in northern Germany for fear of telling his parents about what he considered a bad mark in his school report, German media reported on Saturday.

The local newspaper Schleswiger Nachrichten quoted German federal police as saying that the child had been afraid of showing his marks to his parents even though the worst grade on the school report was a “3” – also know as a “C” in some countries.

ICE der Deutschen Bahn
(Pictured: A stock image of some German train, used in the original article, illustrating next to nothing in this story.)

He even had a valid ticket on him for the duration of the journey to the Swiss city of Basel, according to Spiegel Online.

Train personnel had alarmed federal police on Friday evening about a boy traveling by himself, the Schleswiger Nachrichten said. His parents had already told local police in their hometown of Schleswig that their son had gone missing.

Needless to say, the parents were grateful that their son was found and were to be reunited with him on Saturday.

Source: DW