Chinese man eats 2 whole boiled fish; doctors remove 100 fish bones from his rectum

In an unusual medical case, Chinese doctors have removed more than 100 fish bones from a man’s rectum after he feasted on fish.

The sexagenarian from Sichuan Province a week earlier had eaten two servings of boiled carp – bones and all, thinking he would pass them. However, he ended up seeking medical attention after complaining of acute pain while defecating, state-run Global Times reported.

A CT scan showed tight clusters of fish bones stuck in his rectum. In the two-hour procedure, doctors worked to pull around 100 of the needle-like bones from the man’s anus.

“A patient with this many fish bones was a first for us,” Huang Zhiyin, a doctor from West China Hospital of Sichuan University said. “The most we’ve had to remove was around 10 or so.” Huang explained it was a tricky procedure with a high risk of blood loss. “Because there were so many bones and his rectum was severely swollen, we couldn’t get them all at once,” he said. “So we asked him to return home to rest for a few days to see if he’d pass the rest on his own.”

Source: Telangana Today