Russian hackers tried to save Star Wars’ General Hux throughout filming

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ was a film that divided a fanbase, and soon those fans will get a feature-length deep dive on how it was made when it hits home release digitally starting March 13th. ‘The Director and the Jedi,’ directed by Anthony Wonke, is a documentary about Rian Johnson and the making of The Last Jedi, and it’s almost as long as the film it’s documenting.

In the feature, Johnson describes a Russian bot campaign focused on altering some of the plot’s anticipated events.

“What did these highly coordinated Russian Twitter accounts want from the director of the new Star Wars film? To not kill General Hux,” says Johnson.

Coordinating around the hashtag #HuxLive, Russian accounts flooded Johnson’s mentions early in the production to ensure that their favorite oppressor made it through the new trilogy. Why the Russians bots love Hux is clear now — they are way into authoritarian regimes — but at the time, it appears to have been perplexing for Johnson and his collaborators on The Last Jedi.

Sources: Polygon, Neatorama